We take our responsibility!

As a consumer of forest raw materials and with wood processing industry, Emmaboda Hyvleri shall work to ensure that the business is conducted in as gentle a manner as possible, for the environment and for the employees.

We must comply with current legislation and comply with the requirements and intentions of PEFC and FSC®, and as far as possible make sure that the raw material does not come from illegal or unauthorized felling by society, key biotopes, forest areas where established or civil rights are violated. , Forests where high conservation values ​​are threatened, genetically modified trees or natural forests that have been felled for the purpose of using the area for plantations or non-forest land use, ILO's core conversions are violated. The business must be conducted and improved in such a way that the possible negative impact on the environment is reduced. All Emmaboda Hyvleri's employees actively participate for a better environment. We must actively participate and influence that our entrepreneurs comply with and comply with PEFC and FSC® requirements and society's demands for a better environment.

The raw material must, to the greatest possible extent, come from environmentally adapted certified forestry. Emmaboda Hyvleri will work to increase this volume. The staff must be trained and informed so that they can meet the above requirements and intentions.


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